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DVX 100B repair advice...

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    DVX 100B repair advice...

    I recently started having some issues w/ my DVX 100b. It all started when I attempted to film on a hot, and extremely humid day. While whipping off the humidity from the lens, the camera began to malfunction. Just not really operating properly in anyway. Every button would just reference volume on the finder. The camera was not able to distinct between the camera/vcr function. So I immediately turned it off, and assumed the worse. I attempted to check the camera later in that night, and the same issues continued.

    The next day I turned it back on again to check it, and at seemed as if everything was back to functioning. So I went out to film a couple of days after that. We got about 10-15 minutes in the session, and then I received a "Warning PSD NG" indicating an undetected vibration (or something like that). This issue is has continued, and the warning pops up immediately.

    I'm basically just asking what would guys recommend I do to fix the issue. Anyone recognize the problem? or suggestion on repair service would be much appreciated.

    pic: Goez

    Psd Ng means your OIS is broken. Turn OIS off for starters and see if that helps. I have it on my dvx but can film with it....the gyro in my OIS did actually break and now the sensor is out of line with the lens so I get a weird vignette frame left. If the OIS is broken as far as I know it is an expensive repair and it means its time to get a new camera. Could just be the computer in the camera freaking out though.... it is 2010 anyway a sd camera that shoots to tape probably isn't worth the money to fix unless its cheap.


      sorry to hear about your dvx, i recently had many problems with my 100b such as: broken manual focus, fried firewire port & a skating related crash which had broken my lcd screen. i did some research and found this website called, i called them and spoke with them and the total repair came out to around 700 dollars, which seamed reasonable to me since my dvx means a lot to me. theyre legit and price fairly id say, quick transaction as well. so if your dedicated try out