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Replacement screws for the VX2100 viewfinder?

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    how much smaller were the eyeglass screws, they probably come in lots if sizes, go to an eyeglass place and ask to buy some

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  • kmediavideo
    I've got a broken PD170 viewfinder that i'll send ya for free (you just pay the 2$ shipping or whatev) and then you can cannibalize it however you want. I figure it's pretty much the same part.

    It's only the part between the little monitor and your eye, the part with the glass focusing pieces. I can send pics if you're interested.

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  • Rickayyy
    started a topic Replacement screws for the VX2100 viewfinder?

    Replacement screws for the VX2100 viewfinder?

    So the screws fell out of the viewfinder on my VX2100.. I called a few shops and they didnt carry them, 1 shop offered to replace the viewfinder but I don't wanna do that cause it costs $200. I tried using the screws from an eye glass repair kit and they were too small and I also tried my local hardware store and a Lowe's and neither had them.. It's definitely out of warranty so I don't wanna send it to Sony.. Any idea as to where I can get these replacement screws?