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sick canon 5d mk2 video

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    sick canon 5d mk2 video

    this camera keeps amazing me:

    Yeah, it's an amazing tool. Ivan Narez used one really well in Shred Till You're Dead.

    I'm currently shooting a short film using one, I'll post up some stuff from the test scene we shot as soon as I get it back from the editor and get a chance to color it a bit. The thing that stuck me the most is the ability to shoot at higher ISO ratings and not be able to notice any grain. I shot this test shoot at 800ISO, and I can't see any digital gain going on. I could probably push it to 1000 and be fine. My nikon D300 looks like shit past 800.


      5D is a pretty impressive tool, although I didn't care much for the original video posted.

      kmedia, I'd watch out with those higher ISO's if you plan on doing any large projection, that is where the camera tends to fall short in terms of noise


        video is recently gaffed on:
        shot on 5d