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Good VSTs for Ableton Live?

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    Good VSTs for Ableton Live?

    Hey guys.
    I want to start making music stuff again and I need a list of some useful VSTs for Ableton.
    Generators, drum machines, etc.


    Massive is a great vst, i pretty much always use that for making bass. Battery 3 is also good for drums and percussion ect, and quite often i find myself creating sounds on fm8. Infact most of the native instrument vsts are great, worth looking into for sure.


      The last plug in i bought was this . It's pretty ill, TONS of pre-sets and a very in depth amount of modification you can do to each. Ranges from some really nice organic sounds to some rugged bass. Definately worth the money. One of the most interesting GUI i have seen on a plugin. ( knobs on a screen piss me the fuck off)

      I'm heavily into making chiptune- esque music. Aside from using hardware, i purchased a fairly new vst called chipsounds. A lot of work went into making it and you can get some great sounds out of it. ____I follow this blog multiple times a day. Lot's of abelton news/ what different artists are doing/ interesting new plugins.

      Also I don't know if you have used Max/msp before but abelton has grouped with cycling 74 and created max for live. A bit of a learning curve, but tutorials on the subject are plentiful. _____I;m not going to get into what this enables you to do, but read up on it, It is the future of electronic music. (generative compositions/ sound synthesis from scratch/ endless possibilities of DSP (digital signal processing))

      I cruise around this place sometimes. (mac) They have a whole forum dedicated to live. Alot of nice links to some free stuff as well.

      We should make a be-mag collaborative live set!


        Good drums = Addicitve Drums vst (just don't do it to make metal sounding drums like Current Value, that's his thing)

        Good vst's = Sonnox Oxford vst's (fucking expensive but totally worth it!!!)

        And yeah, native makes some great stuff, I'm figuring out reaktor5 with it's endless possibilities.
        Peace to all!