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iDVD vs DVD Studio Pro. HALP PLZ

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    iDVD vs DVD Studio Pro. HALP PLZ

    I have a bootleg FCP, so there are some flaws. Just so happens that as I start to export my video in the Compressor, I start getting the "unable to connect to background process" error. And yeah I googled it, and all it says is to reinstall which I can't do..

    So I have no choice but to use iDVD.

    Is the quality worse when burning with iDVD rather than Compressor/DVD Studio pro? If anyone could send me a working compressor and DVD Studio pro, I will give you a free copy of my video.

    Thanks, help would be greatly appreciated

    *This is urgent since I have to have my video out for duplication by Monday or Tuesday

    just watch it on your computer, film that and write it to vhs for that 'vintage' look


      i used iDVD to burn some standard def discs a couple years back and they looked fine. i dont think the software really has anything to do with the quality of compression, mpeg 2 is mpeg 2, and the software is more about developing interesting title screens and navigation.


        yeah, there should be no difference in quality, but iDVD will take an assload longer to convert the files to mpeg 2. And you also lose the ability to control the bitrate of your video compression, which I think iDVD automatically goes on the low-side to be able to fit more media on the disc.
        *You can go into the preferences and choose "professional quality" instead of the auto "best performance". This will give you the best quality video.
        You also lose the creative freedom of DVD Studio Pro, but you can still work around the templates in iDVD and make something original.


          Thanks dudes.

          Considering that I film with an HV30 and the HD apple codec compression tends to be a huge file like 20+ GBs for a 30 minute video, will that fit on a DVD after the mpeg2 compression?


            Yeah, it will compress it down nicely. My 5-minute short in apple pro-res ran 30GB, and it compressed down to like 80mb (in standard def). Once you run it through the converter it will drop 30 minutes down to i'd say 1 gig.