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looking to start filming with HD, advice?

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    looking to start filming with HD, advice?

    well im looking to get an FX1, and im somewhat curious as to what computer i would be looking in to needing. i would use either desktop or laptop... so i am open to suggestions!!

    i use both. I have a 2 year old mac tower, and the new macbook pro. Both work fine. what kind of comp you rolling with now?


      FX1, ewww.

      HDV isn't that intensive computer-wise. My desktop is:

      C2D 1.86
      8GB DDR2
      Some lame 128MB Nvidia card
      320GB 7200RPM system drive
      2 1TB 7200 storage drives
      Win7 Pro 64-bit

      and it handles HDV in Premiere Pro CS3 just fine.


        I don't know anything about filming or HD or cameras but I build computers....

        my experimental computer...
        2.8ghz dual core amd 64
        4gb RAM DDR2
        Intergrated graphics [ the cheap kind that come on the MoBo]
        500 gb 7200 16mb

        My built computer...
        3.2ghz quad core phenon 4 [not over clocked yet]
        8gb RAM DDR3 skillz
        Nvidia geforce 9700? [ I forget I swap a lot]
        500gb 7200 32mb seagate
        Asus Evo MoBo
        Antec 902 case
        900 watt Modular
        Dual cold cathode
        each fan adjustable speed from the front of the case
        ... I forget the cpu cooler, I know it's a master cooler...
        And i have cable managment very well....

        I'll take pictures of it soon, I built it all for $650

        I also own a Dell and might be buying a alienware laptop soon, In your case I would go with a desktop.


          one thing. if u film in HD, export in HD. because i got and HD cam and i never exported in HD for a couple projects, then i found out how and i did, looks much nicer


            Originally posted by al dolega View Post

            Win7 Pro 64-bit

            and it handles HDV in Premiere Pro CS3 just fine.

            al, are you running a 32bit-version of CS3!? i wanted to upgrade to a windows7 64bit version, but i´m afraid that none of my programs will run on it!?


              To be honest I'm not running any version of Premiere at the moment. My pirated copy of CS3 was working fine for me but when I installed Win7 I figured why not go for CS4? So I spent a bunch of time reading up on cracking it, blocking registration, etc. Everything installed fine, and everything but Premiere works great, but Premiere will not accept any HD footage or open a HD project. I guess with CS4 this is how it is until you download an update or codec pack or something from Adobe, and obviously I can't do that. I tried reverting to CS3 but now that's doing the same thing... so I'm going to reformat and re-install this weekend and hopefully CS3 will work again.

              Anyways, 32-bit programs run fine on Win7x64, at least all of mine do- including Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.


                thanks for your answer! that sounds really interesting, and i think i might give win7-64bit a try within the next few weeks. right now i´m constantly pushing the 2gb-limit for programs on windows32bit and therefor premiere is crashing every 10min during editing.


                  pretty informative... getting into filming as well and thankfully im on the right track getting the macbookpro either one of these:

                  Sony HDR FX1000

                  Sony HVR-A1P

                  Canon XH A1S Black

                  and will be studying in film&media and if i can borrow 14000grand for film school or just opt for film&media in collage... we ll see