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After Effects - Im better than you

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    After Effects - Im better than you

    I'm gonna upload my latest titles

    wut yu got?

    where they at?


      I seriously dont remember making this thread. Must have been faded.



        Did you watch all the toturials on video copilot last night ?


          Haha, shits ridiculous!

          I've got a little trial as a runner at a post production house in London coming up in jan.
          I've seen a couple tutorials, and I really want to get better, but its tough as shit. aahh


            lol at the thread title.
            I was really hoping to see some people's work tho


              Here's some stuff i've done in Apple Motion. I'm still trying to find the time to learn AE.

              Cloning and corny explosions (meant to be corny):

              Leafy title for a short film:

              Dissolving title:


                one of the first, and only things i did in after effects

                the goal was to copy this

                the program was similar to photoshop, so it wasnt too hard to pick up on


                  The intro and outro I used After effects. The rest is just stop motion


                  A concept for a fun skate edit with a throwback 80's tech theme.


                  Some shit I've done for erik bills video


                  Intro for his trailer


                  I was pressed on time and busy, so i used the presets from videoco pilot to make the name plates for his skates


                  Wanted to do something with after effects so whipped something up.



                    Re: After Effects - Im better than you

                    Originally posted by George Amos
                    I'm gonna upload my latest titles

                    wut yu got?
                    wanna bet?


                      all i have is a bunch of dated shit

                      I'm in the process of a new, much better, reel. will post when its up.

                      here's a fun edit i made a year or so ago though...



                        latest reel:



                          what is after effects?



                            Old thing I did. I probably have more in some random places. Don't do very much since I don't have much time I guess.


                              I was disappointed by everything in this thread.

                              Troll Ban Counter: 5
                              Troll getting trolled hard: 2
                              Pro's Trolled: 1