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Yo modz!!

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    Yo modz!!

    Ok, this is going to be hard for me to explain and it might sound dumb but it's the only thing I can think of that would make this board any better.

    Excuse my lack of computer related vocabulary.

    Anyway, how about whenever someone clicks the little video icon and copy/paste your URL into the pop-up box, instead of just the video being embedded, the URL link is posted underneath too?

    Is this possible? I know the board is run off, for lack of a better word, "template", so does such a thing exist?
    It would make mobile browsing that much better.

    Por ejemplo:

    Ya feel me?

    Whoa, i didn't even know this section existed.

    This must be where teh Rootz is.


      I see your point, but come on

      You paste it once in the embed window, hit return and paste it again. It's not like jumping through hoops, or sending me those damn K2 buckles, now is it?


        Implying any of the mods on Be-Mag know shit about computers.


          I feel so bad Eddie! I can only find one buckle but both female ends. My search continues...


            This requires server side programming that falls outside the scope of what our webmaster would (or could) do. Unless there is an easy PhP plugin for it, I don't see it happening.

            There are no settings for this in our admin panel, so I'm affraid I cannot help you. You could try sending user ' Admin' a PM for a definitive answer.


              Quark, you've actually helped me. Thanks dude.