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Any street skater in Shanghai?

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    Any street skater in Shanghai?

    What's up guys?

    I'm looking for street skaters in Shanghai.. It's been a few years since I last skated but all these spots in town make me die for it!

    Anyone there up for some session?

    Yes i could fly over but have no sense where to go. but I'm in.
    And thats the proplem about be-mag somethis they want sometimes they have better to do but still watch.
    I search some peoples too. and they are randowms of it. but i live in switzerland and thatt should explain alot. should SHOULD.
    otherwise take a snowboard. do something new instead of wasting money effort and fun in something who sucks really hard. hahah do i get free stickers now? in your face
    Last edited by did it; 25.09.2015, 20:51. Reason: God damn it the drunken typing fails are stronger than ever!


      Shubadu shubadee? all in your face or let it be?