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New Orleans Bayou Bash#4 (JUNE 1)

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    New Orleans Bayou Bash#4 (JUNE 1)

    Sup dudes. This year we're doing a street comp in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 1.

    Gonna start it up around 1 and shred through the spots. Hope to see you guys out here!

    Heres some info about the comp:

    - Be-Mag article
    - FB Event Page
    - 2011's edit

    Spots as of right now:

    1st spot: C-ledge

    1st spot back-up, Fly C-ledge:

    2nd spot: Hollygrove rails

    3rd spot: Bus stop multi-rails

    Final area will be an artificial street spot near the bus stop rails, no where else but in a rad ditch

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    So this died after 13? Couldn't find 5 and assuming no 6??


      The Facebook page is still there and I just requested to join it. It's a closed group but it is still there. I was born and raised in Louisiana so if any other Louisiana bladers are going then hit me up, I might go next year if does happen.