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Miniramp/Spineramp Contest Wetzikon

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    Miniramp/Spineramp Contest Wetzikon

    Last Sunday (28.11.201 was a great contest @ Skatepark Wetzikon in Switzerland.
    Here are some clips:

    --- Winner -16 00:19 ------------------------
    1) Liam Gratwohl, AG - Aarau
    2) Simon Schudel, ZH - Rüti
    3) Thoma Dennler, BE - Biel

    --- Winner 16+ 02:58 ------------------------
    1) 07:13 Maël Huguelet, BE - Biel
    2) 05:52 Lauric Picard, VD - Lausanne
    3) 08:35 Martin Bommeli, AG - Buchs

    the event was sponsored by
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